Monday, December 13, 2010

Let us begin at the beginning...

Inspired by others and further motivated by my own frustrations of not writing, I have begun this blog.  I will begin by cataloging the 3 weeks, to the day, of Ann & my remaining time here in Missoula, Montana.  What this blog will encompass after the move back to Chicago, IL, I am still uncertain.  Hopefully you will join me in this writing adventure and all are welcome to inspire, critique and motivate if you so choose.

Our time in Montana has been fantastic!  Ann and I moved here after a little more than a year of dating back in Chicago.  We arrived in July 2006 and have lived in three different places.  Two apartments in Missoula and also lived about 30 miles out of town on beautiful Rock Creek.  We were married on September 22nd, 2007.  From Missoula we have been able to visit Portland and Eugene, Oregon, Seattle, Denver, Glacier National Park, the great expanse known as Montana and cross-country Amtrak and car trips.We have had crazy adventures, highs and lows, success, strife and survival.  Now it is time to move on...

Our desire to own our own house, start a family, have careers and to not be financially destitute has brought us to the point of moving back to Chicago.  We are especially excited to be in the company of family and friends again, to be able to see more live music AND to enjoy the plethora and variety of food that Chicago has to offer. 

Please follow our adventure here and our journey back to the Midwest!  Ann has her own blog which you can find at  Hope all is well for our friends and family.  We are grateful to have a support system awaiting and we are indebted to our parents for incredible amount of help they have provided past and present.

Until next post...

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  1. The title sounds like regrets. A little Dad advise. Your move to Missoula was a life building experience. You have met some wonderful friends and expanded your network. You have gained some valuable resources that are added to your list of assets.
    Always build on your experiences and keep that network and those resources. We may try to plan our future but the course of life has so many unexpected turns that you never know when you will need to tap that network and resources.